….to our Internet Radio! Now also with international DJ's
for your enjoyment. We hope that you will enjoy your time here with us, and please feel free to join us in our free-to-use multimedia chatroom.
Here are our awesome dj's, and information about them + link to their Jukebox (if they do have one atm.)

DJ VoLtS is (except the Boss for the radio) the longest existing DJ in our staff. Fair enough, he has been away from the air for a while, but he always find his way back to us. He has mentioned that he will return this year, but hasn't had much airtime yet.. However, we know that is about to change..

Volts usually plays hard-rock and power-ballads… And lots of 70's - 00's stuff. But in time that may have changed.. Please feel free to ask him when you see him online. He uses the nick "VoLtS"....

Here is VoLtS Jukebox!

DJ Froden

DJ Froden is a lively chap from the crazy west-land (waste-land..? lol).. He is known to just throw his ass around and get out on the air-waves DJ-ing for us all. He is always in a good spirit, and is known to play a lot of varied music, both in style and genre..

He is a very nice dude, and if you want to listen to his shows on Radio Tordenskrall, just follow our Facebook Group and he will announce when he is going on air.

Here is Froden's Jukebox!

DJ Arnt

DJ Arnt (A.K.A. the Boss of Radio Tordenskrall) is the Chief in charge, mentor and creator of this radio. Way back in December 2005, he started what would be the radio you now are a part of, either as listener/chatter or as a DJ. The Boss is always a part of your Friday nights.. Or at least, that is what he has been doing for the past 3+ years now, nearly without any breaks at all! Nevertheless, when DJ Arnt is online and broadcasting, he is the producer for such segments as "3-From-1" and "2 In A Row", which he has borrowed from a Norwegian duo at a Norwegian radio called "NRK P1" (Finn Bjelke and Yan Friis, Herreavdelingen). Further more, he also now and then throws in a contest where you can win Cd's and other items from our web-shop. But all that.. is for a another episode.

If you want to listen to DJ Arnt live, you should hit the Play-button at Friday-nights at 1900 hours local time (CET). That is when he kicks off the "Friday Night Show With DJ Arnt". Enjoy!

Here is Dj Arnt's Jukebox!

Dj Catman Drew                                                   

The Catman says; I'm the new boy from the UK .I grew up in the era of the pirate radio stations in the 1960s .I always wanted to join them but I was too young at that time .I finally  achieved my ambition of becoming a DJ on live radio in 2017 I play all genres and all decades on my shows but my favourite music has to be 60s and Motown .I am very spontaneous and may well jump on air anytime .Not saying  my shows are long but I have been called the Marathon Man for some time now .I post advance details of my shows in our Facebook group .Hope to see you all soon

Catman Drew will get a Jukebox later... :-)

The Menace

The Menace says; I Am 66 years old. I was born in the UK but went to Canada when I was 5 yrs old. I came back to the UK in 1988 met my husband and been here ever since.. I grew up listening to Fats Domino,  Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Peggy Lee and more and then in 1963 I heard the Beatles and that was it, on to Herman Hermits, The Troggs, The Rolling Stones. Then I discovered Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker CCR Kansas, Chicago, The I became enthralled with Il Divo, Eric Clapton, Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart. Then after all that I have gotten hooked on Indie music. They really should be up there with the artist written above. While I am not playing music on the radio I am listening to it on my Ipod when I take the dog for a walk. Or have it blaring in the car. I have received quite a few CDs from the artists I have played so I have wonderful music to listen to without any commercials.  By the way I still have my Canadian Accent and won’t be losing it. When people ask my where I am from I say I am one third Welsh, one third English and one thrd Canadian lol lol   I can only say that the passion in my life is listening to music. I have always been called Glenys the Menace since I was a kid living in the UK and it has stuck with me ever since as I am always a Menace. 

Menace will also get her own Jukebox come time.... :)

LiL SiSter

Hello and welcome,pull up a chair grab your favorite cup of  poison and join me for some audio caffine. You are now tuned into LiL SiSter's Cafe. I play a mix of music from old country to new country.Old rock to new rock.Hopefully at some point I will play something you have never heard and if I do you may have just found a new favorite.Then my job will of been successful .I do continue to add music to my files all the time. So be looking for my pop up shows!!!! See you all there ...;)